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Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes 2

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Strike Force Heroes 2 involves a soldier navigating through enemy territory. The soldier is required to take down the enemies at various instances. The arrow keys are used for controlling the soldier’s movements with the movements being front and forward movements, jumps and crouches. Strike Force 2 offers a player with a variety of classes to choose from with the different classes divided into five categories namely: engineer, mercenary, general, juggernaut and sniper classes. Each of the five aforementioned classes has its own unique attributes with some of these attributes being different strengths and weakness for the soldier and different weapons capabilities. In order for one to make advancements within each class, the soldier has to make a specific number of successful enemy kills. Each enemy kill is awarded a specific set of points and once a reward threshold is attained, the player is allowed to collect their reward. The reward is in the form of better and more sophisticated weaponry being availed to the soldier making the soldier better equipped at dealing with the enemy. Combining the cntrl and E character exposes activates a number of kill-streak abilities which are special abilities that the soldier is accorded with in order to enhance heir overall combat capacity.

Strike Force Heroes 2 is indeed a captivating game with an impressive difficulty level and an overall exciting feel. One thing that stands out in the game is the setting of the different combat scenes. The game features futuristic urban settings that seem to offer the perfect background for an urban warfare game. The overall experience of the game is enhanced by the different character classes, different types of weapons and level modifiers which act as an incentive to encourage the player to unlock the game’s higher levels for a relatively new and exciting experience. The only negative aspect of the game is the fact that it seems a little bit predictable especially when it comes to the sequence of the pop-ups.

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